glass shader showing objects on other side in wrong place


I used the glass shader using cycles and nodes to create a window for a house. but when the camera is aimed at side of house if you look through the open door you see a desk, the carpet and the wall etc.
but if you look through the window all you see is the wall instead of bedside table, bed, carpet, wall etc?
it isnt lining up with what its aimed at if you know what i mean.
to get it so you can see the bed etc you have to lift the camera way up. otherwise it looks good. it shows reflections of objects yet is transparent.

any help would be awesome.

thanks all

Maybe your window is just a plane. For the glass shader to work correctly the window needs to have thickness. Add a solidify modifier to the window and the problem should be solved.

Alternatively, if refraction isn’t a point (tend to never be for house window glass), you can setup your own fake glass using Layer Weight/Facing (to the power of 5) as a mix control between a transparent shader and a glossy shader. Layer weight because fresnel node doesn’t work correctly with transparent shader. To improve performance even more, you can make it visible to camera only (unless it’s reflections are important to see in other reflections, in which there are other things you need to consider).

Wow, thanks guys. yeah, i did just use a plane. didnt know it had to have thickness. good to know. would a cube scaled (thinned) down work? for now i just adjusted the ior thing until stuff lined up but maybe i will go add some thickness. or try carlg’s method but i dont think it needs to be too posh. nothing else in the scene is and i want to keep render times down. thanks again for the quick help. i would probly never have figured something that simple out on my own…