Glass shadow / reflection

Who can tell me how to get a real looking shadow / reflection when i shine a light trough a glass.
I made the ground plane and turned on “TraShado” in the shader tab to get a transparant shadow, but how do i get a real looking shadow?
The result now is not what i am looking for.
This is the result i would like

Who can help me, or where can i find a good tutorial.
kind regards,


Currently the internal renderer does not support caustics. For caustics, look into YafRay and other alternative renderers.

OK, cuastics was the name… i go shop around. Thanx


@scotch - your picture that you used as an example came from indigo’s site, ( ), if you don’t mind waiting a couple hours to get a non-grainy image, it’s a good way to go!
also, although I haven’t used it much, you can also check out luxrender ( )

Hallo Dreblen, do you mean that you made de glass and bottle with Indigo?
I looked at Luxrender. i am gonne try it.


@scotch - Unfortunately, no, I didn’t make the glass/bottle picture :frowning: