Glass Shelves with Rounded Front Edge???

I want to create a clear glass shelf that has the front edge rounded with a green tint (i.e. the glass appears clear except on the edges). I’ve created something close with just a flattened cube using Cycles and a Glass BSDF material with a slight green tint. What I cannot figure out is how to “simply” round the front face of the shelf and leave the other edges sharp. I’ve tried Beveling the two front edges but the bevel goes way back and I just want it to stick out a little.

I know there’s something simple that I’m missing. Thanks for any tips or references!

select the edges then bevel these

can you show pic so we can see what the problem is


After I select two edges, Ctrl-B, and adjust so they meet in the center. What I want is “simply” a half-circle on the front edge, not this prolonged bevel that extends back into the shelf. Basically, I just want to add to the sharp edge with semicircle mesh of some kind. Thanks for helping.

then simply delete the 1/2 you don’t need
and extrude again


I’m sorry, but I don’t have a clue what you mean. 1/2 of what? Extrude what?

in side view, add a circle then select the edge of the shelf and use the circle as a guide to extrude around. once your done delete the circle.
or select the top edge of the shelf, position your 3d cursor between the top and bottom edges and hit the spin tool button.
or just grab the front edge of your bevel, turn proportional editing on and move the edge back until it becomes more circular.
or start again with a cylinder, delete half, select the top and bottom edges and extrude back to get the shelf.
there are probably other ways but i’m bored of this game now. :slight_smile:

Many, many ways to do that. Here’s one (that is probably close to what RickyBlender meant).

i think he wants only the top 1/2 of the bevel only 90 degress
which could be done with spin
or as i said remove the bottom 1/2 and extrude again


Here’s a short clip on how the bevel is supposed to act.
Not sure why yours is acting that way.

Thanks FloridaJo for the personal YouTube video. I’m using a Mac with a Magic Trackpad (in middle button emulation mode and without a wheel) and after some experimentation prompted by your video, I finally got the rounded edge I wanted (and acted like your video).

It’s pretty easy once you get it :wink:

I gess you started with a cube and scaled differently for axis X,Y,Z

All you need is apply the scale
in object mode Ctrl+A then “Scale” to apply the scale

then try bevel again,it should work

in object mode

press Ctrl+A then click “Scale” to apply the scale you made to this object.

then try Bevel again, it should work.