Glass Shrapnel explosion (animation)

Hello there,

I followed one of Andrew Prices animation tuts on BlenderGuru and ended up with this.


Here is the download to view the video (25 seconds long)(21mb)

Feedback would be nice :slight_smile:

Blody mabulous, except the shrapnel just seems to stop and spin in place. Maybe if the tutorial ends with that you could push in with the camera to accentuate the explosion.

Cheers mate, I used the dampen setting on the shrapnel so it slows down after a few seconds. Probably put the setting too high but I’m going to be tweaking the animation anyway so I’ll change it when I render it again. Camera control is okish, a few points in the vid it’s a little dodgy, lol.

Question: How can I do a slow mo of the shrapnel exploding and then resume as the shrapnel fires off quickly, if you get what I mean?
Tried putting markers for velocity and damping but hadnt had much luck :frowning:

Wow. That’s badass, but i’d have to agree with Ludaktis (or whatever the hell his name is). :stuck_out_tongue: