Glass Skull

Hello all.
This is my first mesh, render and post. It was created using Blender 2.57 with Luxrender built in. I DL this version from

any suggestions on how to make it better would be great.


this skull is not really good actually its realy bad you have to hard work for best thing

You my friend, are extremely rude. I accentually think it’s pretty good. At least explain your reasoning for saying his model is bad. I for one, think your grammar is really bad. I’d like to see you make a better skull.

To the OP, don’t worry about this guy.

I like the teeth. The eyes are kinda weird; why solid purple?

well… Although it’s true that steven300 was extremely rude about it, there are definitely some parts that need quite a bit of work. Number one, too shiny. It’s kind of confusing and hard to actually make out the skull. Number two, you should probably make an exciting hdri map for the world if you’re going with shiny. Check out debevec’s light probes here. Number three, instead of using a cube to put your skull in, I would put it on a studio like drape cloth. Like here. Lastly, I might add a little more light to the scene. Wether that means more lights or more ambient occlusion, what ever.