glass SOS

Is it possible to get a good glass effect with blender 2.37? No, I don’t have yafray :expressionless:

May I ask, Why dont you get yafray?

Of course. In Material settings, set Alpha to zero (a little higher won’t hurt as well), then go to the ‘Ray Mirror’ tab, turn on ‘RayTransp’ and set IOR to 1.5 (common IOR for glass). For reflections, turn on ‘RayMir’, set the RayMir slider to around 0.5 and increase Fresnel to 2 (so that the reflection strength will change according to viewing angle).

That’s the raytracing method. You can try out the Envmaps if you want, but I dunno anything about those. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are talking about the good type of glass with the nice crystal clarity and appearance of thickness, as well as caustics (which cause the black colors along the edges of glass), then it will be hard to achieve.

Real Caustics are impossible to make in blender, as they are not implemented into the renderer, and I have not seen plans to implement them yet. There have however been noble tries to fake caustics. The problem with faking something is, though, that it only (generally) looks good from the angle you fake it from. (i.e. not good for animation)

The best way to make glass is using the method posted by yu_wang or a similar one where you must tweak settings.

However, if you really want to render glass, get Yafray. Its invaluable for these types of things.

Thanx evry1.
The reason I don’t have yafray is my internet connection is crap and Im on pay as you go. Probly get it in skool or sumthin tho

This one is rendered with the internal renderer