Glass Spray Bottle - My First Finished Project

Please tell me all the cons and show me how to improve this as i know it’s far from perfect. I obviously have not delved into maps yet, but my main goal here was too familiarize myself with modeling.

My reference image:


NIce job on a first finished project. I think the modeling looks really good. If you want to add a little more to this I would add some of the water that has collected on the side and I think there is some on the outside as well. Also you have a black piece of plastic in the spray bottle were as in reference it has a white semi translucent tube.

Hey thanks for the feedback. I agree entirely with the condensation build up on the inside of the jar. I will definitely focus on that next time.

I’m not sure what happened with the tube, because I made it white and plastic. I’m thinking perhaps I had accidentally changed the material right before rendering. Total bummer.

I want to stress that I really think this is good. I was being a little nit picky on the water and tube.

Understood. I appreciate the input!

Excellent job! It looks like you’ve had tons of practice before achiving such stunning results! That reminds me of step by step writing a research paper at college, when you have to take long hours of preparation before seeing the whole beautiful picture. Keep creating new projects, you are talanted and driven and it’s so inpiring