Glass Test. Help Please!

So, this has been a rather frustrating test of Blender, and here are the results. I have a few qualms - how in the hell would I simulate or achieve caustics? I get horrendus bars encircling my glass when I do both ‘set smooth’ and ‘subdiv’ - what the hell is that about? (I’ll post what that looks like.) There is a bit of a seam. Why? Imperfect spin? Any suggestions on how to achieve a pleasant ‘table’/wood texture? (Tuts, or the like.) Please C & C all you like, tell me what you’d like to see. Here are a few versions

W/ Blender Int. and SubDiv level 4.

W/ Blender Int. and Set Smooth

W/ Blender Int. and Both SubDiv level 2 and Set Smooth

While that is sort of neat :|, I’m entirely confused as to exactly why that showed up like it did.

YafRay render w/ RayTransp and Set Smooth + SubDiv level 2

What exactly is with the especially odd reflections in this (and all) of the glasses? The plane would and should not reflect like that. Any suggestions or explanations?

Thanks folks!


2 words, recalc normals,

go in to edit mode select all press ctrl-n click recalc normals

And remove doubles (in the W menu or editbuttons) to fix the seam - the spin will not merge the start and end verts, even if you spin 360 degrees.

The closest you can get to caustics in blender internal is to turn on “TranspShadow” or whatever it’s called in the Mirror/Transp panel. It doesn’t refract the light, but the shadows are lighter because of the transparency.

If you’re getting a seam in a spin you may have an internal face left from modelling your profile - this often happens if you start with a plane and reshape to form the profile.