Glass Textures from tutorial v2.4.X compared to v2.5a

Hello all. I am working through some tutorials on creating a glass material for a wine glass. All i can find are blender 2.4 tutorials and they dont seem to jive with the version (2.5a) that I am using. I have attached my .blend file for those who would like to take a quick look.

I setup just some world color and a plane for spatial depth.

Here is one of the tutorials that sought after my first round of frustration:

here is the original tutorial i was following

I also read somewhere that because 2.5 isnt in official release that it might have some issues still…maybe thats whats going on?

Any help is much appreciated


wineGlass.blend (77.2 KB)

First thing you should do is increase the Depth setting under the Material / Transparency panel, add some mirror reflectivity the panel below the transparancy which you haven’t switched on) and have a more interesting background to show the glass off.