Glass Tunnel *Updated*

Here’s my background of the week. Its pentagon tunnel inside another pentagon tunnel. Rendered in blender internal in ~2 hours.


I see a lot of black sections, what Raydepth did you use?

For images like that you really should set it to 10.

Whoa… That’s really cool

You should definitely increase the raydepth.

raydepth was 6. I kept it relatively low to keep rendertimes reasonable. I suppose I might could do an overnight render w/ everything turned up.

Interesting work, but blender internal should not be your wepon of choise for this kind of work. Try yafray. It will take much longer, but once you have the settings down, will produce much better results.


Woah, that’s Funky stuff there!

Wanted Bob

I did try yafray, but I wasn’t able to get the effect I wanted. Although, render times were actually faster than the internal renderer.

yafrayy has a lot of obscure settings and tricks, most often you can’t just change the renderer from blender internal to yafray. but, the renderer is up 2 u.
one question, what did you use for teh light?


Shamem: I used a point light w/ an intensity of around 3.

Well, I believe I have set my record for longest render ever: 2 days, 2 hours, and 30 minutes. I just went for it and set raydepth to 10 and turned on filtration.

Heres a link w/ a big render + .blend:


I can’t find the image link, can you put the image somewhere where all we have to do is click the image link and we’ll see it like imageshack.

Its a link to a zip file that has an image included.

I think most people would rather see the image in their browser then to download, unzip, then see the image, kind of a lot of work just to see an image for those who just want to see the image.

fantastic image! i just found me new wallpaper!

Sorry for the trouble, I added a picture on my previous post.

Much better, I could see why it would take so long, the picture looks beautiful.