glass turn black?

I have this rather annoying problem. its that whn ever i make a glass body of some sort it gets black in some places… I read something about raydeapth but nothing happens when i turn it upp. Pease help me.

I might start with uploading an image so we can see what the problem is. Well, you could post a .blend or you could upload an image with your shader and yafray settings. It is hard to make a diagnosis with so little information. Right off the top of my head, I might postulate that your World color is black and your Raymir is causing it to reflect the world color making it look black. I dunno. Upload and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Increase the mirror depth, but not too much.

You see, in real life, if you place two mirrors, face-to-face, it will seem to reflect forever. In Blender, that would take forever to render too.

So the depth is the number of times your mirror surface will reflect. Anything else, is left as BLACK, which is wjat you are seeing.

Increase the depth by one more.