glass with AO

sorry for asking this, but how you achieve some good glass with AO? i lost the test i made, but try the following, please: a ground, a cube wich is made of glass. inside that cube another small cube, with some color. try to render with ao. it gets some black shadow under the cube and the cube inside shiws black too… at leat for me. i have ray trans on, and even some settings with fresnel and stuff. if your result seens okay, please post it in this thread, with all your materials settings, so i can see if im making something wrong or its my blender version.

PS: by the way, the mirror looks normal with normal lamps

if someone could post the blend file too, it could be easier for me, cos i can test my setting.
thanks in advance

If you only turn on AO to light your scene, the cube inside does turn black. I don’t really know exactly how AO works but I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t just use it on its own. If you add a basic lamp to the scene, the colour on the inner cube shows up.

thanks dude. i already tested this out.

anyone know if this ao stuff is a bug that will be fixed someday, or just the matter it works??

I don’t think it’s a bug. It’s got something to do with the way shadows work with AO. If you click the “use distances” button under the AO settings and put it to anything non-zero (try 2 or 3), you get the colour to appear on the inner cube.

Or you can add an extra lamp wich will also make the inside cube more visible… AO is know to make things flat …

In the glass turn off “Traceable” - it will make the rays for shadows etc pass through the glass as if it wasn’t there.
Could cause problems if you have ray refraction though.