Glass with texture? (help!)

Hey guys, first post here at BA

I’ve been using cycles and i would like to know, once i’ve added a glass material to an object, can i then make it frosted, or add textures to the glass in some way, such as:

frosted glass,
cracked glass,
raindrops on glass,
bubbly glass,

Thanks in advance!


Yes you can…

Frosted glass could be made with some of the material settings using masks you could probably make a frosted design.
Cracked glass can be made with the the cell fracture add-on.
Rain on glass maybe the fluid simulator or particle system.
Bubbly glass with a particle system.

I am sure there are other ways of achieving these results too. Blenderguru has some tutorials that while not covering these thigns exaclty, they do cover some of the process of doing this. The fruit in water tutorial comes to mind.

Ok great ill head over and have a look. thanks!