Glass with wine

I decided to do some simpler work, and actually get something finished.

So, a glass with liquid in (its wine because that was the easiest colour to get right).

I seem to have gotten some artifacts in the render though, so some advice would be welcome.

Basic image
With ambient occlusion on

Blend file

I prefer the AO render because it’s more clearly. At the melts of the glass, we can’t see the glass :slight_smile: Put some object around to make reflections on the glass.

Okay, in the absence of advice about my annoying artifacts - I’ve cleared them by myself!

First : the glass and liquid were not "set smooth"ed - so I was getting some artifacts from the subsurf faces
Second : there were some coincident surfaces between the glass and the liquid, causing some more artifacts.

In fixing these, I discovered further artifacts due to the fact that the base mesh for the liquid did not have sufficient faces on the surface.

I’ve now added some basic cubes for additional reflection/refraction visibility.

further crit?

The blend is here:

is ur glass supposed to distort the wine that much? It looks like the visual is bent all the way up to the lid.

The IORs on the materials are set to published values for glass and water (1.517 and 1.33157)

Wait… when did we start using a tumbler for wine? Did I miss out on a fad? :expressionless:

Let’s just say it’s a calimocho then.

Maybe you can improve your lightning there… looks too “default” :smiley: