Between my exams I found some time to blender a bit, this came out my computer. Yust a pink glass and some (stone)balls.

If you want this as your wallpaper :stuck_out_tongue:
a 1280x1024 render:


Looks really nice! especially the glass. My only suggestion would be to drop the spec on the “rock balls”… they look organic to me as they are. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that :slight_smile: nice job

very cool! i haven’t worked on Glass in awhile … getting behind! nice work! :wink:

very nice indeed, but as said, lower the spec on the balls

how did you do the material of the stone balls anyway? could I see a pic of the settings you used?

please? :smiley:

It looks OK, but I dont like the colors. Especially the peach on "stone balls". At first place I thought theyre ice-cream rather than rocks :slight_smile:

nothing like a refreshing glass of romulan ale. :slight_smile:

very nice render.

Romulan ale is blue, no?