(zaltros) #1

(digitalSlav) #2

your glass is much too thick and you really shouldn’t see the other side as they are the sides of each other and not two full surfaces if you get what i’m saying here. the refraction seems much a little too magnifying as well. if you clean up those issues you will have some great glass on your hands!

(S68) #3

Very nice, all three, if it’s completely Blender is one of best Blender glasses I’ve seen…


(wewa_juicyb) #4

/me wonders what anime/manga that is in the third picture… OOOOH yeah sorry wasn’t paying attention, I think the 2nd one has the best glass, but I must agree with the thickness of the glass complaint. Great work, how’d you do it? <— the ultimate compliment.


(humphrey) #5

It wouldn’t be asking to much for you to maybe write a tutorial on how you made the glass??
There you go, I must think it’s good…
I liked b the best… but the base of the glass didn’t look realist at all