anybody know of any tutorials on how to create a glass type texture so u can c through a plane or soemthing to go with a window

In your other thread you said that you’ve been using blender for nearly a year and know where everything is…

Transparency is easy, in the material buttons under the “Material” tab, use the slider that says “A” (as in for alpha) this is directly below the R,G,B sliders. Turn it down as much as you need it.

Then in the “Mirror Transp” tab, hit either the “Ztransp” or “Ray Transp” button, then render. Z transparency is the faster method of the two, and should be used for simple things like windows, whereas Raytraced transparency should be used when you want things like refraction.

Ye i know where everything is but not sure on what they all du cheers any way i av sorted it now du u know how to have steam animated off a pie