glasses industrial design

hi all

modeled and rendered in maya and mental ray sincei cannot get the 3d data into blender with using dxf, obj import since all is based on nurbs in maya.

shaders are not finished only on early stage!
i whish the export import would be more easy causethe ao in blender is pretty fast compared to mental ray for few quick visualisations.



As for importing to Blender, not all is based on nurbs in Maya (though I don’t fancy it’s workflow for polys) and you can actually convert the Nurbs into polys;)


i tried that but and after some testing i found a way to get the poly obj file into blender. unfortunatly cause of the high poly count the AO gets very very slow with reflected and or refracted areas inside blender.

mayas poly tools just suck. even mayas trim surface tools suck. it is impressive how many mel scripts are out there to extend the modeling tools for polys like loop cut tools but i ask myself why they dont hardcode them into maya. the nurbs tools arent to bad special all the special fx tools in maya are well what maya promisses. friends in germany model most characters in wings3d and import them into maya to convert them into subdiv surfaces there :wink:


On there is an excellent tutorial for rendering the AO only once and then in post production adding it back in. This lets you quickly tweak your other setting (materials, lights etc) and not have AO slow down the process. Look under Articles->Lighting->AO tips if I remember correctly.


hi greg

i was wondering if there is such a topic somehwere. i will check it out!

here is the blender output


nice. like the blender render much better. you could also try to lower the poly count with the decimator in blender. it doesn’t give the best results though. <-- notice Bellorum the blender advise now that the topic has switched applications.

I like the blender one better also. I dunno why, it just looks better imo. They are both good though and I really like your modelling skills. Great job.


well the reason why blenders look beter is because it uses ao with a fake HDRI image! image based rendering in mental ray is also ahm let me say slow to be nice. but also blender took around 45 minutes to render this image.

i did a test with caustics and color bleeding and subsurface scattering and the mental ray image looks hell better but needs hell of time which i dont have right now!

thx for the comment! tobad blender does not have such usable nurbs tools like maya!