Glasses or contact lens

What should I get?

laser surgery?

My eyes are not that bad!

How about both?

If you have no problems with prodding at your eyeballs, I’d say go with contacts (I hope to get some soon, glasses piss me off). If you have to do anything that involves sparks or open flames, and unless you’re not scared of having your contacts melted to your eyes, go with glasses. Glasses can be less of a hassle; if you fall asleep with your glasses on, they won’t stick to your eyelids like contacts will (it’s fun watching people try to dig them out).

Jeeves, I sleep with my contacts all the time. They’re fine. Also, you only really have to worry about contacts when working with biochem stuff. If your eyes are close enough to get melted by a real fire you’re pretty much screwed anyway. Glasses, on the other hand, can get SERIOUSLY screwed up if you fall asleep in them. The bend and break. Happened to some of my friends. Contacts are also more attractive of course. I switched and never looked back.
Poking and prodding your eyes is annoying for about 3 days and then you get over it.

strange to make a decision based on a poll in a forum. do yourself a favor, if you are not able to make desisions for yourself and buy a magic eight ball .
or flip a coin.

I wear contacts lenses most of the time…and then buy glasses with clear lenses for style. I wear my glasses at night on the computer when I want my eyes to have a rest. contact lenses seem to dry out when you read alot…

can’t stand contacts.

Giang :Z spend less time during the computer.

I have contacts and they can be pain, literally. :stuck_out_tongue: But so can glasses. I want to get laser surgury but can’t afford it.

Best to have both … glasses when you need to see clear quickly and lenses for other ocasions…

Oh and b.t.w. sleeping with contacts is not a good idea… there was a piece in the paper about a woman who slept all the time with her contacts… she ended up needing surgery to remove them, since they had ‘grown’ onto her eyes… I’m not kidding…


Hey [email protected] you should take up residence over here in the UK and then get your laser surgery done on the NHS(National Health Service) for free. :wink:

Real people give better advises?

Contact lenses is the way to go

1). it corrects your eyesight
2). you don’t look like a geek.

umm, how do glasses make you look like a geek? and glasses correct eyesight too.

Anyways, it is kind of personal preference. For me, I wear glasses and I’m just so used to them I wouldn’t think of using contacts etc.

I just think that putting on and taking off contacts would be a hassle. I study late at night and when I’m done, I just take my glasses off and fall asleep (or leave them on sometimes by accident). I wouldn’t like to have to get up, walk to the bathroom and take off my contacts. Though I suppose if your not a lazy bum thats not so important.
Semi-related note, I’m constantly adjusting my glasses with my hands, even when I have them off, sometimes my hands just subconsciously reach up and try and push my glasses back. Don’t know what I’d do with my hands if I didn’t have glasses :slight_smile:

It’s probably not the glasses…

I wear glasses but only because i’m too lazy to buy contacts again. Aren’t there really thin 1 month contacts nowadays you can keep in for a month?

Glasses make you look intelligent, not geeky. Remember when Homer found some glasses in the bathroom and Mr Burns called him an egghead. I rest my case.

ok, someone who gets their ‘proof’ from cartoons wouldn’t fall into the intelligent category.

Someone who gets their ‘proof’ from cartoons would fall into the geeky category.

—I’ve worn glasses and contacts. Last week, I went back to contacts after about 4 years of just glasses. I’m an engineer, so yes, somewhat intelligent. And I’m an engineer, so yes, sort of geeky.

Thanx all!
Really helpful!

Someone who gets their ‘proof’ from cartoons would fall into the geeky category.


Nobody has ever questioned my Simpson logic before, I hope this doesn’t start happening more!