Glasses or contacts? And why?

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? Why do you have to wear them? I know there’s been threads like this, I did a search, but it’s been quite a while.

I wear glasses all the time. I’ve been wearing them for eight years. Not really sure why though, I never asked, but I pretty sure I have an astigmatism, but like I said I’m not sure. I used to wear contact lenses for short periods of time when I was really dancing a lot, because glasses don’t look good on camera and I can’t see very well without them. The prefer glasses over contacts is because 1 )contacts don’t stay in my eyes, after about three hours they fall out, 2) contacts are a pain to put in and out, and 3) we don’t always have the money for new ones every month and a half or so.

Well, I told you, please tell me too. I really curious.

only glasses… because it takes me like an hour to put the contacts on… and no, it didn’t get better with time…

also, contacts can harm your eyes if you sleep with them, which i did a few times. If you do it often enough, you won’t be able to do LAZIK operation (not sure of the spelling)…

i personally see a lot better with glasses than with contacts


I wear glasses. Contacts can only fix up my eyesight for about 70% which isn’t enough for me.

Also, I hate poking in my eye.

I got glasses and contacts. Putting in contacts takes me about a sec longer than putting on the glasses.
For work i usually use the glasses, staring at a display lowers your blink frequency drastically and i got soft contacts, so the eye runs very dry. Downside of the glasses is that the displays appear smaller than they are, because i am nearsighted.
For going out i wear contacts, mostly because i am with the car or the motorcycle and its more comfortable because you dont look into the frame of the glasses looking around and in winter the glasses tarnish on every occasion. I haven´t got contacts for fashion reasons, i like my glasses, they are stylish, but contacts give you just more freedom in sports and many other things.

@ dyf: yeah it takes me like ages to put mine in and I did once sleep with mine in but it didn’t hurt anything as I only slept about six hours.
@ sandrew: nice, I’m not to fond of poking my eyes either. :wink:
@arexma: yeah, working at a computer with contacts does dry your eyes out. I don’t really wear contacts for style, just glasses look really great on camera :insert sarcastic smiley here: My glasses were nice for a twelve-year-old, but their kind of ugly now two years later.

Cool, this is a pretty popular thread so far. 3 replies in 20 minutes.

I mostly wear glasses now because my eyes get super dry with contacts. Putting in contacts didn’t bother me though, you do get used to it and then its quick.

Glasses for the ease of use and mandatory working in dust filled environments, and contacts for leisure and overall better vision - with the contacts, I can see all the space around me instead of just what is in focus in front of the glasses :slight_smile:

I get my contacts at 6 pairs twice a year, so that’s a new pair every month if you’re careful. Also, a back up pair of glasses at work and in the truck glove box are a good idea if a contact problem comes up (lost, torn, dried out and need to soak, particles n eye).

@ postmodern_boy: Yeah, my eyes get so dry that the contacts actually fall out.
@ craigomatic: Dang, even when I was wearing them fulltime, I could only keep them for two weeks, but I got to where I would lose them so often that I would go through them so fast. Now I probably get them about once a year because I don’t wear them so often.

Geez, its amazing how many others here that I can relate to.

+1 vote for glasses. Mainly for all the same reasons you already mentioned.

Plus, you also have the option to get UV responsive lenses that get darker when you’re in the sunlight. = )

I wear glasses because I look sexier in them. (otherwise, if I don’t, I get told that I look like Nick Jonas)


neither… +1 postcount

I wear glasses because I can’t see without them.

Never tried contacts, but I’m pretty happy with my glasses.
No need to spend more time looking for tiny clear things while I’m mostly blind.

glasses. sticking things on my eye disturbs me…

Glasses for me. I have the exact same problem as blend’n 4 jesus, my eyes just get too dry to keep contacts in. In fact, after 5 minutes of contacts, my eyes start itching and hurting.


Well, the trend is opposite of what I would’ve expected. Apparently glasses are alive and well in geekdom :cool: jk

I wear contacts, so I’m wearing my glasses right now. (That made sense, yes?) I’ll explain.

Technically I should have said both, but I prefer to wear my contacts. The only time I wear my glasses is when I’m too lazy to put contacts in. (However I’m wearing my glasses now because I just had an eyelid surgery which will prevent me from wearing contacts for another week or two.)

I’ve never had a problem putting contacts in. I like contacts because, unlike glasses they don’t: 1. Slide down your face, as my glasses are doing now. 2. Have the sensation of something on your nose, which I dislike. 3. Fog up in cold weather, steam, etc. 4. Have a limited field of vision.

How do you like that - my longest post so far on BA is about contacts vs glasses. Yippy yay.

BTW - good thread idea. And fairly uncontroversial…:eek:

Hey guys, thanks for all the responses. Not enough room to respond to each one. :frowning: so I’ll just talk. Yes, I was even amazed by the amount of people here that even have eye problems, it’s not very common in my family or in my field of friends. Maybe because computers hurt eyes? Even in the slightest bit? Well, I do agree with KJ3D that glasses are a pain in cold weather, rainy weather, etc. I’ve been known to run though the rain half-blind because I don’t want to get my glasses wet and not have a place to dry them. The other thing that’s a pain is I don’t know about you all, but my glasses always get all scratched up even if I get no scratch lenses.
Thanks for all the replies, guys.

I wear neither, and dont need either (yet)
But i have considered contacts.

For this reason -

There expensive though, which is the only thing holding me back. :no:

Glasses are pretty much necessary for computer work for me. I also wear them pretty much all the time by choice, just because of that bit of extra clarity (like watching HD tv!). Don’t wear them for sports though, because I care more about the glasses than how nice things look while running, because my vision’s not that bad.

I like the flames one and the jaws one the best

Contacts may knock out your eye surface and make you blind if you forget to remove them after some hours.

I have miopic-astigmatism , and i wear glasses.

After of 13 year of eye problem now i have only +1 on both eyes … from 2.5-3 so i don`t really need to wear glasses all day only when a read something more than 30 min or 1 h where the fatigue comes in place and overall stress.