Hi there.
This is my first original model (I don’t follow any tutorial), based on my glasses.
It’s not detailed cause I make it only for rendering a nice image in correct view.
I leave frame hinge, string on glass, and rigs (I didn’t know how to make it and applying any constrain when I modeled it :confused:). I just keep it simple.

I uploaded this blend file at Blend Swap. :wink:
I need critics. Thank You

I wonder about the material for the glass - it seems that your highlight is the same color as the background, but maybe it should be more ‘white’ in spots to give that glass feel. Right now it makes me think of plastic.

Thanks for critic.
I used darker glossy material for the background (floor) with roughness 0.075, RGB values each 0.477.
While for glass material with IOR 1.517, roughness 0 with RGB values each 1 with alpha 1 (perhaps I must use alpha 0).
I still don’t know plastic you mean (or I think the glass shouldn’t has diffuse reflection)

Which renderer? Cycles or BI?


Ah, okay. I guess I’m used to the BI output - I tried your file and swapped a sun light for the area light and got a bit better, but the blue overcast is becaus eof your environment color, not the material of your glass itself. So I guess all I can say is it is a good model, and overall a good project :slight_smile:

Thank you.
At first I used BI for render but it doesn’t look realistic (look like cartoon, setting of material little bit different from Cycles version). I use a sun light then I switch it to area light.

How much power of emission do you use?