…Yet another one (and yet another cross-post from LuxRender forum). And, once again, inspired by one of my early works. :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not lacking new ideas :smiley: – despite it’s placed in the finished works section, it is in fact a part of a larger project. But I decided it is already a work in its own right, so here it is.

Please see the high-res PNG version (jpeg mangles high-frequency bends).


nice :slight_smile:
you could have picked a more nice background.

it’s a good showcase of lux’s rendering, but not particularly attractive as an image in itself tbh, isn’t this more suited to a blender test forum, or indeed, the lux forums?

Biglines, do you think it lacks any artistic value?

I think this would be improved by having colored liquid in the 2 glass vessels. Why would you use a wine glass or champagne flute to drink water?

The point here is the glass2 texture, this glass is behaving in a far more realistic manner than you will find in any other rendering eng, this is a great render imho. To me it represents energy.

I try to stay away from discussions about what is and isnt art or artistic value. But no, I don’t see this as particularly enriching to look at, it simply looks like a luxrender test to me (especially since I think you make amazing work, just this seems like only a technology test)