Glassy Abstractions (abstract image)

Origional plan was to use raymir on all objects but 3 hours into the render and barely anything was rendered so just used transparency and refraction on everything except the outer sphere.

Another abstract image, objects highly subsurfed, took amost 2 hours according to the time on the render window.

Looks…interesting. I must say it doesn’t moved me, but I really like the light blue in the middle for it reminds me of deep clear water. Perhaps with DOF/focus and/or a nice glow it might be more interesting. Good effort though!

cool. a tiny bit more contrast in photoshop (or whatever) and it’s my new desktop.

4 stars

I kind of like it myself, It does have really dark areas and lighter areas and yes I could easily do this. Depends on the opinions of other posters (considering if everyone had a different opinion it’d be hard to please all of them)

This is kind of cool… Looks like you have a good light set up too.

Nothing complex, it’s still really cool though… Nice job.