glazed porcelain - update 2005-12-16

Modelled from a real cup.



Very nice. They do look real. Do you dare take the next step and model a kitchen for them to sleep in?

think its very good and reallistic, put them on a scene

very nice. is the wire picture rendered or how did you do it?

.blend would be nice :wink:

Thanks for the feedback. I hope I will eventually feel brave enough to model a whole room.

Bandar: the wire is a render using blender internal, with all materials set to shadeless, and in the render settings edge enabled and EInt set to 255. This puts an edge line between faces, whose strength is proportional to the angle between them. Very useful.

Very nice, close to realistic.

I would suggest tweaking the shadow on the tipped over cup, as it seems a little bit dark to me. Also with the model, perhaps the reference was this way, but the handle seems a little thin at the bottom.

Really great picture, and the things I mentioned are minor!

Here is an update to the render. You were right forTe, the handle should have been thicker. Well spotted. I’ve tweaked the mesh accordingly.

I tried a different render technique for this. I rendered with yafray to an hdr image, then applied simple post-pro to the hdr using some custom apps of my own, then converted to png and jpg. It seems to result in a much cleaner image, with none of the banding. Also you can apply exposure post-pro.

Worked quite well. I think we will all be rendering to hdr within the next year.


Very nice. Materials are really shown off well.

You might want to “shore up” the enamel at the point where the handle is fixed to the body of the cup. Dunno if your subject had that or not but a lot of ceramics that I have seem have a nice seam where the handle joins and this ends up being “softened” by the enamel over the top,


Thanks chimpoid. You’re right, it does have an inverted bevel there where the glaze has settled, and it would look a lot better with that, but I can’t think of a shape that would give that effect. What it needs is some kind of metaball-like effect, as if the cup and handle are merging.

Oh well. I’ll have another go later.

the first render looked better, especially the highlights.