Gliggly Ears

Ok, so I’m doing more work on my Yoda animation capabilities (you can see my Yoda model here

Anyway, in the original movies when his head moves, his ears, you know, I guess vibrate would be the right word, or maybe shake, or wiggle! That’s it, they wiggle. Anyway, I would like to have this same phenomenon happen when my model moves his head. I’ve been experimenting with softbodies a lot, but haven’t been able to accomplish the very slight movements. My tests more sway or bounce. So, is there someone out there who knows the kind of settings I would need to make them wiggle as he moves his head? I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

You could also use hooks with a delayed parent for this – might be easier than softbodies (I’m not that faniliar with their use).

see this thread: