glitch in the system.

ok i have kinda given up on textureing this guy…and im sick of working on him, so i consider it finished. (i know the lighting is horrible. and i dont want to mess with it.)

the only reason i stoped with this guy, is because i got bored with him.

so tell me that what you think of my not-so-finsihed-but-considered-finished-project.

yay! its glitch from metal arms :D. lol i that game got too boring after a while :confused: nice modeling job :slight_smile:

Turn on subsurf + setsmooth, I know he’s a robot and you intend for him to look blocky but because you have so many vertices that should remain the same.

oh…ok…well photobucket aint working at the moment so i cant post any pics :(:(:(… :< :< :< :<