Glitch when weight painting

Hey guys!
I’m having trouble with my models beard.
I have rigged my model with Rigify, Basic Human.
I have parented the beard to the rig. I have also tranferred weights from the main mesh to the beard.
When moving my head i noticed the beard stuck to the chest. After a lot of weight painting and testing i finally just moved the whole figure in pose mode and noticed this:

It seems the beard wasnt weightpainted to the chest after all, it was stuck to a certain coordinate.
Any idea how to get this to work?

Thanks a lot!

Put a blend in here and post the URL it gives you. It could be a lot of things

Hey @stilltrying!
Thanks for the reply.
Given the beard was so small and low poly, instead of spending time troubleshooting I ended up just remaking it and it worked so I will move on.
Good to know about for next time.