Glitch with muh galli

So I was making a JP Gallimimus and when I tried to attach the armature to the rig, this hapened

The head, body, and tail work fine but it’s the limbs that are giving me problems. The left arm and leg and working with the mesh fine but i the right arm and leg don’t have any influence on the mesh. Another thing is that when I pose the left limb armature, it controls the mesh of the right limbs.


We will need to see a file to get to the bottom of your issue. Non of the useful information like bone names, axis orientation, weight painting, vertex groups, modifiers, etc…are included in your screen shots.

You can upload to if you cannot upload here yet. (Min 10 post count and your under moderation until that count exceeds 10, so your posts will be moderated until then.)

Post the link here and we will have a look.


Here’s the file for the Galli

Update: I decided to upload the model with the bones rigged. I’d really appreciate someone looking at this file

The problem most likely is with the bone names. Blender can’t tell which bone to assign to which vertex groups since it’s a mirrored mesh. The bone names wouldn’t be a problem if you had applied a mirror modifier and manually assigned the mirrored side mesh to it’s appropriate bones. I wouldn’t recommend you doing this at all, I just mentioned it so that you could know that there’s still that option which in this case is not the most optimal one and it’s rather time consuming.

What you will do is rename your opposite bones so that their names match but their suffix after the ‘.’ is different. This might be confusing so I decided to rename all of your bones respectively(as much as I could) the way I just described it and it seems to work just fine to me.

Holla… just holla if you need me.

Download .blend

Just wanted to say that I’m eternally grateful. Thanks friend.