glitches on nvidia's

has anyone running a nvidia card ever got anything like;

for a long while ive been getting glitches out of the game engine by resizing the blender window once ive pressed P to play and screengrabbing, this produces images like the one above;

now ive just bought a shiny new tower with a Nvidia gfx card- “cos ati’s dont like blender or linux” and alas i cant get any glitches out of it.

the Nvidia card is very polite and where before staggered mashed up graphics would appear now i just get black- this is a bit of a problem as im starting a project which needs loads of these messed up images.

ive tried blender 2.42, 2.37 and 2.25 with all the same black results.

so has anyone running a nvidia card ever got anything like the picture above? if so what card and which drivers were you running please. and if youre running a nvidia and you’ve never tried resizing that window could you give it a go and let me know what the results are like, please.


This doesn’t sound too helpful but make sure you GET THE LATEST driver from!

after you installed the new drivers, go to the system tray (bottom right) and right click on the nvidia menu, then make sure Antialiasing is turned off.

Does this happen with any other 3d applications? games? If so, your card might be overheating.

Hi mpan3,

sorry to take an age to reply, yeh i am running the latest drivers and ive messed about with all the settings in the control centre but still im not getting any glitches out the card- these nvidia’s must just be too damn stable!!:slight_smile: Ive also tried it on my powerbook which has an nvidia card it in and i get the same tame black section where the ati used to glitch out.

it looks like my mums going to be keeping my old video edit tower for “silver-surfing” thats got an ati in it so i should be ok for getting some glitches out of that- thanks anyway though.

that looks bad (the pics) very bad, very very very bad… what card do you have? how does it handle games… could be blender (if only blender doesn’t work) or your card is broken if everything looks that horrible (i.e. games)… you could also have a problem with your ram… maybe not enough/too slow/ if you have two modules, perhaps one of them is not working… need more info. .you didn’t say how it coped with other 3d apps…

other 3d apps are fine, gmaes etc work ok.

i chose a particularly knackered picture- heres one a little less messed up;

as ive resized the blender window what was in the text pane has been pushed along and come out down the bottom but all screwy!!
is it possible to do this on an nvidia? has anyone had similar results with an ati? yeh my ram is quite slow 266 i think- but the machines a p4 3ghz, 1gbram ati mobilty9600- think i was running the omega drivers though, maybe thats it?

sorry i am a bit confused, does this graphic corruption happen on your ati laptop, or Nvidia desktop, or both?

And this only happens when you resize a window?

another idea is to turn down hardware acceleration by a notch or two: display property -> setting -> advanced -> trouble shoot

2 notches down and the standard blender interface gets all buggy but still when i press P and resize the window anything that would go haywire with my ati laptop just goes a nice respectable black. ive tried all the notches down - that required a restart so i got hopeful but the nvidia is dealing with it very pleasantly- ie more black. ive also tried messing with blenders vertex/mipmap settings and changing colour depth 16/32. it looks like these shiny new cards just dont go screwy which i guess is a good thing really:)

thanks for the input guys, yeh it is only when i resize a window and its my ati goes that screwy, nvidia stays normal.

i just didnt think id be the only person out there who this happens to.