Glitchy camera movment with parenting and

I want some dynamic/ animated camera movments but they all seem to glitch out a bit. Iv got the camera vertex parented to the players colision box and an animation of the camera zooming round when the player gets close to an npc the zoom works fuuine but then it starts jumping between 2 position each frame. I noticed this in a prevous project when i parented a camera to a bone. I also wanted the camera movemtn in this game to zoom out when u were moving but again it dose the 2 position glitch thing.
Is it because im using Flipper? Seems to work when not parented.

Glitchy camera movment
heres the blend file:

Thanks for any help

flipper seems buggy to me,

I usually manipulate a property and use it to set the frame and it works fine,
with a animation actuator or with object.playAction()

Thanks @BluePrintRandom for the response, ye i thought the same but i hooked it up with with a property and then it dose not animate when it should and when its over it starts doing the glitchy camera , its only if it parented to the player in any way though.

hmm, most of the time I use my own sort of pythonic camera control, where the camera floats to where I need it etc, and it’s never parented - maybe that’s why I have never and into this…

edit: checked out the file and yes that is odd

Think its been that way for a few revisions , didint used to do it, its only if its parented to the character, i made a cube follow the player and stop when it gets near and that worked but had a jumpy moment in general because if the cube catching up to the player.

well, until that is fixed… I hope this is useful.

you can send a message to the camera, and it can fly itself anywhere

1 and 2 swap actors at the moment,

(camera target is child of actor in this setup)


CameraController.blend (442 KB)