Global Illumination Bake?

hi guys

I haven’t posted any questions here in a while so I hope someone will humer my questions. I’m trying to work on a game ( duu ) and I’m going to try my damdist to make it the best looking game under blenders hood, and place some video captures in my demo reel. Then hopefully I’ll be able to empress some studios enough to hire me.

  1. How can I capture a video from realtime game as I play the game in blender.

  2. Is it possible to bake renderings to UV unwraps as texture? like actual GI calculation to captured so you can use it as a texture.

  3. Also is it possible to use vertice animation in games? I would like to animate things like cloth FX, fat, muscle bulg, simple water and face emotions.

  4. can you parent objects to bones and make them fallow the pose to pose animations in games?


I’ve written a script to do it and an example… this second I’m too lazy [do a search or someone will respond]

look for the blender ray baker

only object and armature animation [and then not even all the ipo channels]

yep, that works now

That is possible, but you need to code it in python. For example, you can wrote a script to handle MakeHuman style RVKs.

Keith. 8)

  1. How can I capture a video from realtime game as I play the game in blender.

I’ve used this script to capture image secuences and then later join them in the secuence editor

import Rasterizer

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
obj = cont.getOwner()
sep = " "

num = str(obj.counter)
while len(num)<4:
num = sep.join([“0”,num])
filename = sep.join([“C:\Temp.”,num,".TGA"])
obj.counter += 1

attach this script to an object with a property integer named “counter” and that’s all… I don’t remember who is the autor of that script, but if you make a search in google you will find out :slight_smile:

you could use “fraps”.(…it captures from any kind of realtime software, including blender…the free version only allows for like 30 seconds per capture tho…but its still useful.

hey guys thanks for all the help :smiley:

me thinks I don’t need vertice animation, I’ll just have a face rig with bones and dumbies :Z I’m going to get started on the project really soon and post wips soon as I have something. The game will be a crusader 3rd person style of game, I want it to resemble Lord of The Rings: The 2 Towers for Ps2 the feel in play and graphics, though I may go with a cartoony comical flare.

actually one more question :wink: has anyone perfected a why to implant multiplaying capability in blender games?

again thanks for the thanks