global lighting

Is there a way to render a model total light with out having to move lights or place scores of lights to mimic this I general remove the camera have to leave the light+3, constantly render while modelling as mistakes are easier to spot with lighting

also I want to apply this to blender but am unsure of what light type to or general how to set it up as outlined can someone offer pointers.

also I had asked this some time back but didn’t get a clear answer can blender bake materials to UV maps or there any scripts that can do this

i think i answered you last time by giving you a direct link to the script that will allow you bake materials/lighting to UV maps. How much more clear do you want?

As for general lighting, i suggest putting your light and camera on a layer by themselves. Then you can turn it on or off at will. Also read here for general lighting info:

You will find lots of other links to lighting by looking in blenders help menu and searching and google!

no you didn’t, perhaps your thought you did
if you are/were Darg you said

and I never got it to work…right
but thanks for the link

my bad dude… sorry about that. i shouldn’t post for at least 2 hours after waking up on the wrong side of the bed!

I hope you get it to work… and if you are just looking to get raw materials and no lighting to UV map then his suggestion is much faster! You may have to poke around a little to find an updated version of that script however. Like here

thanks again man much appreciated