Global map of Blender Users

Add yourself, let´s see where we stand.

Cool idea.

I’m the second one on the list. Wheee!

It’s pretty cool how fast people are adding themselves.

Yup yup

First in the UK (is that a claim to fame?)

It´s been up for exactly an hour now and it already have 10 blenderheads pinpointed.

USA seems to be winning, with UK in a far second place 8)
(No that is a competition or anything, but is fun to keep the numbers),

Umm… doubled up by accident, can you use admin skillz to remove the first one please.

:stuck_out_tongue: %| :expressionless:


Already done!

However, even if you add yourself more than once, the map only display the latest record.

To add a shoutout, just enter your name, zipcode, and shoutout above.
Your name will only appear once on the map, but you can enter multiple shoutouts the same way.

i added my self.
I love this idea :smiley:

every time i refresh the page, more blenderheads! rock, rock on! 8)

Finally… an excellent way to show where everyone lives! I encourage everyone to take advantage of the photo function too. Then we can kill two birds with one stone: the “where do you live” thread and the “post your picture” thread.

maybe this should be “sticky-ied” to the “common threads” thread or something.

i adde myselfe… the only one in norway right now xD :stuck_out_tongue:

Done, but the friggin map won’t let me input my actual city.

Oh well.


Yes, I would like to see this stickied.

On the map, I think it might be better to have a smaller/thinner icon for each person though because when people are near, it gets hard to click them.

Also, if the details could load off the map like in a box to the right because some users appear behind the information window so you always have to close it first.

Also, the Safari browser returns undefined when you choose a location. I just used Firefox but I thought I’d mention it in case others have problems with different browsers.

I’m added. It’s a really cool idea, and I agree with the sticky suggestion.


yay thunder bays on the map. thats a first. i agree with the sticky

Heh I added myself…

Good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, this should be stickied.

Wow, I’m surprised you can actually see the streets in my city… I can see my house (…sort of…)!

If you change the view mode to satellite then maybe you can see your own rooftop.