Global map of Blender Users

I’m in. Lots of blenderheads here on the East Coast.

And yes, I really do have a woodchuck living under my front porch. (Don’t ever leave a bag of earth lying out unattended at night.)

And so many lurkers I’ve never seen before.


Since this is supposed to be a global map I posted the link on the G-Blender forum as well (for Spanish speakers).

I wish I could post it on the other languages forums, but the language barrier doesn´t allow me (well, I could try on the German forums). If any of you guys can speak a language other than English and Spanish, and there is a blender forum for your language, please post the link on that forum.

Blender got downloaded more than 2 million times last year… let´s see where those copies are installed ? :wink:

also the Italian Blender Community is pretty active.

i put myself on it (i think) nh baltimore but i kept getting this message. i’m not very java literate so if anyone can translate.

The Google Maps API key used on this web site was registered for a different web site. You can generate a new key for this web site at

i very much want to see…

i type “ch” in the city part (non us) and it kindly crashes firefox for me.

Try with some other browser… and yes, you are in the map.

Stupid dodgy net connection…

Sign me up as another person to double-post themselves onto the map…

phlip, it´s fixed now.

Hey guys, whould anybody care to create a graphic/logo for the group map?


  • It must show the global and diverse nature of the Blender comunity.
  • It must be original/creative.
  • It´s file size should be less than 1.5 MB (the smaller the size, the better) JPEG format (others formats will be converted to JPEG.
  • Avoid any text, unless you are translating it to various languages, same with national flags.

Prizes? Nah… just gained experience and bragging rights.

Oops, I went double, the later one with a small photo. =X

I just noticed I used the exact same message as Alex G. %|

6 Aussies so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a concept, how about something like this?

Wow, another Utah user.

Never thought I’d see the day.

As far as this being stickied, Goofster has agreed to make it a link at Blender Artist Site.


Lol, all the people on the east side of Australia, and then there’s little me by myself in WA =) Still the best place to live!


sniff, I guess Stuttgart (Germany) is too much of a village to have any more Blender users but me…sniffle

Man, I’m really out of touch with things lately. I didn’t know so much of the site was already up and running.

Wao!! I whent to the University this morning and the map was reaching 100 Blenderheads, I return home and we are almost 160 !!

IMO it is a good start, but it doesn’ t emphatize enough the comunity/diversity side. However, that’ s just my opinion.

This is a graphic to represent the community, so it is only fair for community to will pick the winner. (I’ ll open a poll in a week or so, there is still plenty of time to refine your idea and for others to submit theirs. Hell, maybe I’ll dare to submit something, just for the sake of fun.

As far as this being stickied, Goofster has agreed to make it a link at Blender Artist Site.
Wao x 2 !!
First, I had no idea that BlenderArtist was already up and running.
Second, I’m glad that you (all of you) find the map usefull :smiley:

Lol, Google maps appears to not know its ass from its elbow. Since when was Kirkcaldy near Aberdeen? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sigh, I fixed it but now there’s two of me.

I don’t mean to be anti-American (again) but does anyone else find it annoying that it is zoomed to America by default? It just means I have to zoom out and then zoom in every time I view the map. Wouldn’t it be easier just to have the map zoomed to level zero by default?

Both default zooming level and default location are customizable. I just left it on the factory presets … and so far there seems to be more users in the USA than anywhere else. The point is that it can be changed easily.

As for locating someone, if you click on that’s person name (the list on the right) the map automatically scrolls to show that person.

P.S. Any duplicated entries will be scanned and fixed later in the night. Last entry would be presummed as the more accurate.