Global "Shaders" topic on elysiun,

I suppose creation of a separate elysiun topic, called “Shaders”, for people to post their shaders in categorized threads like organic, metals, etc. I think there will be plenty of, when the node editor will arrive.
What do U think?

I think this a great idea! It sure would help me learn the node materials a whole lot better. Maybe provide like generic preset materials that one could modify to fit their needs. I like this idea! Thumbs up here.

I think a poll would have been more fitting to this proposal though.


i am planning to re-open Blender Battles material challenges whent he New Nodal editor arrives.

I will have a weekly shader topic, as well as an “open” thread that allows anyone to submit a shader they have created and are proud of.

these will get packaged into a combined blend file and distributed once there are enough, otherwise all materials will be downloadable individually.


Alltaken: sounds good.

Now if there was a good system for libraries with thumbnails and all…

Yes, that’s good … but I’m talking about classified material library based on forum interface. Btw, if there is a global Shader topic, as I supposed, there can be “Weekly Blender Battle” thread aswell, so Ur idea suits mine.

yeah i certainly don’t think they are in competition with each other.

the only thing that Blender Battles offers is a “standardised” (or set of standardised) files to put the materials in. when rendered it creates a thumbnail of the texture which can be viewed by the public.

if Blenderartist was to create a material repository with a graphical layout, i would hope we could co-ordinate a standardised file with them so that it doesn’t look stupid.

but yeah definately a good idea to get materials all in one place, all looking the same.


I never had a good understanding of shaders use, although I know they are powerful. Since shader implementation is already on the road, I would like to take a deeper look into it. So I think its a very good idea, a new topic shaders.
Go for it please! It will be much appreciated!!


I am curious about mods’ opinions…

Yes, I forgot to mention that correct moderation of the topic is a must. I am so sure that there will be many people with bad sense of humor, who will try to spoil every shader category by their low-quality or fake shaders. This is not a WIP shader topic. If the shader doesn’t represent the look, that it tries to represent, in a consistent manner, it has to be banned. Of course Shader WIP Section may be set aswell, but I really don’t care about it. All I want is a good thematically arranged repository for shaders; professionally administrated.

vladius, that was my goal when setting up the material challenges. only the good materials were ever added to the library. perhaps 20% if lucky.

if it could be linked intot blender-artists or blender3d somehow i would be more than happy.


Where could I get some shaders now as it is? I’d like to mess around with this, it sounds interesting.