Global Time IPO

I know that the manual says that you need to copy the time IPOs to all objects in a scene to get ‘full slow-motion’ but I was wondering if that had changed since .31?

Also, is there a way to play back an animation in the 3D window at a certain framerate? Setting the frame rate in the render buttons doesnt seem to do it…



blender had a global time IPO in the past, as for now you can only remap the whole animation, I hope the Global Time will be back sooner or later!


why in the world would that be removed?!

I don’t want to contradict S68, but I’m pretty sure there never was a global Time IPO. Could be wrong, but it would surprise me.


Don’t you think there should be a global time IPO, though? It makes an aweful lot of sense to me…

Is there argument against it or was it simply not implemented for reasons of complexity?

isn’t the frame map value for? It’s in the anim/playback button, under the render button familly. though it’s not animatable.

Hi dante,

To answer your second question it is possible to vary the playback speed of the Blender Player by pressing:-

‘PAD1 to PAD9
The playback speed. 60, 50, 30, 25, 20, 15, 12, 10 and 6 frames per second, respectively.’

That’s directly from the Blender documentation.


where in the doc? I couldnt find it. :frowning:

wait…blender PLAYER? I just want to vary playback speed in the 3D window.

Hehe, Martin,

I never saw a global time ipo myself, but Someone Who Knows told me that at the very beginning there was :wink:


Ah, right then.


What I still wonder about is that when you set a time ipo for an object it does not affect it’s children… that would also solve this issue cause you could just parent everything to an empty and set the global time in that.

yeah…but thats still a crude work-around. If you have a lot of objects in a scene, its a pain to parent them all to an empty.

If it DID work, i guess it would be worth trying though.