Global variable for two scripts

Hello everyone. I want to develop some kind of visualization software using blender. I have a big star catalog with star coordinates and brightness. First python script should load this catalog from file into a data structure like [(x,y,z,bright),(x,y,z,bright)]. The second script should be executed every 100ms and using this data and openGL api draw the skystar from spacecraft point of view. The question is: how to load data into global (or common) area from with one script and then use it from another one?

is this a BGE question?

can’t tell anything about it then, but in Blender itself, you can add custom properties to objects.

I would e.g. create an Empty or every star, set its location to x,y,z and add a custom int/float prop for “bright”. These props will be available throughout blender.

otherwise, you could also add a custom prop at scene level, like:

bpy.context.scene[‘starmap’] = ((x,y,z,bright),(x,y,z,bright))

Yes, this is a BGE question, because i want to use it in game engine. i think the scenelevel it’s exactly than i need. Thank you