Global Variables?

I’ve searched through the forum for stuff and came across the term “global variables”. What exactly do you mean by that in the context of PY and GameBlender?
Is it the properties you can add to an object or is it the way a variable is declared in a python script?

I’m curious because in my aplication I need the previous values of the variables each time the script executes. (I know I can pickle it to a file but was wondering if there is some way to keep it in memory…)


Yes, there are global variables.
Here is an example of how they are used:

import GameLogic
GameLogic.tehpropery = 2
GameLogic.anotheporperty = "teh end is near"
GameLogic.yetanotherprop = 124.213

#You can do some varable types in python that objects don't support

GameLogic.List = [1,2,4]

#or to make matricies

GamLogic.matrix [[1,2],[3,4]]

#Which  is just a list inside a list

Hope that clears things up.
Global variables can be accesed between different scripts and different objects.