Global Warming, eh?

OK, I was thinking of doing this a while back, considering global warming hasn’t really been doing what it should ie. there was no summer here in Ireland weather-wise. So here’s my view on it. The head was one I had modelled a while back for a practice with SSS and everything else was made today. Hope you enjoy :slight_smile: .

An average increase in the global temperature of a couple of degrees will not make summers hotter everywhere. That’s a common misconception. What it will do is alter traditional weather patterns. You’re probably getting the effects of a vast additional quantity of newly melted ice off the Greenland ice cap in the North Atlantic. Instead of “Global Warming” the phenomenon ought to be called something like “Catastrophic Climate Change” which is what you’ve experienced in Ireland this year. So, yeah, that’s global warming for ya. Expect more.

jainy, so much info. ok, well then thats a pic for a common misconception

The Earth is supposed to be warming and this year it snowed two times in April.

I’ve read of articles pointing towards global warming as a bunch of hooie, it’s probably a natural cycle partly caused by increased brightness of the sun and there’s nothing we can do.

About Ireland, when the last iceage ended, all the meltwater from the north pole/Greenland and such were carried to Ireland due to the currents plunging it into a even colder period even tho the rest of the world was getting “warmed up”… (that’s why the great Irish Elk died out)

And it is very hard to observe/judge a phenomenon if you are taking part in it. History (even just in 20 years time) will decisively conclude if there is/was or isn’t wasn’t a global warming.

About your piece,
The hat is floating on top of his head. You should superpose the text on top of the rest imo. And even for the style you are going he still has a big lump on the back of his head.

Thank you for putting it all in perspective. :rolleyes: If it’s hooie, why are these guys worried about it’s consequences?

im not worried, if thats what you’re implying, i was simply bored, and had this idea which i had wanted to do for a while
EDIT: OK, ive taken your advice snelleeddy, and fixed it up. I would put ears, hair etc. on but I would have to become a bit more good at modelling the human body. Seems a bit stupid now to have posted this in the finished projects forum, considering im after updating it.

Let me put it this way, the Earth is supposed to be warming, yet places are still setting cold records every now and then, the second April snow here was the latest snow ever recorded in Wichita, and the last time we had a full June and July without a single 100 degree day (like what happened this year) was back in the 20’s.

It was snowing on leafy flowering trees, green grass, and blooming flowers, I’m not kidding.

CD, did you actually READ my earlier post? What you are describing is exactly what climatologists are warning us to expect.
eb264, sorry for the side conversation, but this level of misunderstanding of something you kids are going to have to deal with, well, you need to be aware.

About the ears: just give him a warmer hat, like the Russian fur hat with the ear flaps pulled down.

(PS people modify finished projects all the time. Don’t worry about it.)

haha, this IS real ART. doesn-t have to be technically excellent, but gets people talking. as far as hooie, like was said, not much we can really tell in our time, and if it is definately warming, making stricter smog laws will havo ZERO effect. thats what serious skeptics are trying to say. not that it isn’t happening, but that we can do nothing with our meager existance to make it better. (though obviously 500 nukes could probably make it temporarily worse)

Orinoco, doesnt matter bout the conversation, glad it got people talking. i also might do the Russian hat, or a paddy hat. i think i might add some freckles and bumps on his face, it looks too smooth.
thanks for the votes everyone, and thanks s_d_j

OK, added a russian-style hat with particles, about 50,000. tried to add a few bumps and colour variations to the face, but didnt really work

yeah you suceeded to get only 1 star, which i haven´t seen here yet, but keep it on and you get more :slight_smile: