Global world volumetric scattering, a possible tutorial coming up

Hi folks,

Yep…I´m a bit lazy on this one, but I just haven´t seen it directly covered…though I could have missed it.
Anyway, by my own findings I got the global volumetric scattering working decently with sunlight in blender cycles 2.9 and 3.1, with some nodal setups.

This means we are not going to use a cube with volumetric material, but the world set to volume scatter.

A simple point light works, but switching to a sunlight and you know it all goes black, but we can fix that.
Now… I do not know if this is covered here on these forums or if there is a youtube tutorial on it, otherwise I may be willing to record something, though I am not entirely sure I do it absolutely right.

So I am offering a recording on it on youtube…If it´s not there or covered somewhere else?
it´s not going to be the scattering scene below, initially, maybe later though, but a simpler object scene with volumetric lights casting shadows.

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Looks cool, I say go for it. Doesn’t matter if there’s already a video on it, your video will be unique and add value in its own way.

I might do that, however…I noticed things weren´t as proper setup as I initially thought, and that has to do with the GI bouncing to light up the models when there´s only a sunlight in the background casting rays, so I had to adress that and I might have found some ways to do that, but I need to research a bit more if it´s the proper way to do, so I have to do some reading up on it…trying to avoid gobbling about things I may think is the right way, but not really knowing what I do isn´t the best thing.

I am still not That experienced in blender, just odd that I haven´t seen much of the world global scattering presented with volumetric lights, mostly just a cube with volumetrics, and perhaps too much eevee volumetrics instead, will do a little more checkup on youtube to see if anyone handles it, if some of you guys know there is one, It could spare us all the time though.

Go for it for sure! Volumetrics are very poorly covered and finding any decent learning material on them is a challenge. You have an opportunity to change that.