Simple photo+3d composite shot. The logo was originally made in blender, and then UV mapped on to a half cylinder shaped around the lighter. Then it’s just a question of lighting it to match.
Given more time…

  • clean up the bit of extra texture arrived on the rear side of the lighter
  • the barrel of the lighter is not 100% perfectly aligned
  • lighting could do with even more work. (not really my forte)
  • the logo itself is bluer than i wanted (it is a very reflective shot but i rendered it on an alpha background, so the reflections are shot)This is the first time I have ever used negative lamps or UV mapping, so while I know it is not perfect, I think it looks good enough to carry the message and met the deadline. Besides I havn’t got anymore time to work on it so, it’s finished :))

Hope you’ll like it anyways. J

So the logo and part of the lighter are the only parts that are blender right?

Very good, its impossible for me to see where the picture and blender meet.


Excellent work. You did a great compositing job there, but as a long time smoker and owner of many lighters, there is one obvious flaw. The metallic part at the top is far too rough. In every lighter i’ve used it is always smooth and very reflective.

apart from that, great work :slight_smile:

Thanks guys… glad you like it…
The ‘real’ compositing part was getting the logo on the lighter. The metallic collar on the lighter should be fairly photo-realistic, seen as I never touched the photo in that part. :))
I still count is as more ‘slight of hand’ rather than true ‘3d magic’… I guess the trick is makeing the images blend well, and from your comments, I think it works… cheers guys!!


hehe…I feel like such an ass right now. :o

Thing is, I have my clipper in my hand as we speak, and it’s totally smooth…ahh well, I’ll get over it.

cool… try lying holding it in your hand, so the wedge down the cylinder points upwards into the knuckles of your fist, then pressing your thum down very hard on to the wheel/collar for 60 seconds. Then look at your thumb. :smiley: it’s all good!!!