Glock 17 Gen 4 (brutal honesty, advice needed)

So I began using Blender about 2 weeks ago. I did a few hours of tutorials and then decided, “Hey I know, I’ll make a Glock! Because I’d love to make something from scratch and throw it into one of my favorite games like Fallout 3!” Yeah. I know. I should’ve started smaller. But I didn’t. Also, I know I’m not the only sad sap getting into Blender since the announcement of Fallout 4, so, yeah.
Anyway, I have made a lot of mistakes so far, most of which have taught me something. However, I feel like I’ve hit a wall. I felt that I was finished with my model and then began diving into the UV mapping & texturing process. In other words, I started ending up with chaotic and super complex UV maps and got angry and threw my mouse across the room. I believe I’ve realized that my model is way too complex, too many vertices and weird shapes, I used boolean way too much because I feel like it’s the easiest way to cut shapes out, and I’ve ended up with this. I don’t particularly want to start over because I’ve spent probably 20+hrs on this. I’d love for someone to help me through how to clean it up so I can uv & texture it without too much hassle. I’m already well versed in GIMP so that part won’t be an issue. Any advice would be really appreciated. I’m addicted and love doing this when it goes well and looks good, but frankly I get easily frustrated and don’t want to give up on the first art that I feel like I could really get into.
Thank you!


Glock 17 Gen 4.blend (1.32 MB)

The shading artifacts all over the receiver are because you’ve modeled in tris. If I were you, I’d model in quads. That way, you can also use subdivision surface modifers. Also on the topic of boolean modifiers, I find it’s a lot easier to use the knife tool and manually cut the shape you want in the mesh. I find it’s a lot easier to clean up as well, as the boolean can really mess up your mesh.

I think I have to use tris when modeling for Fallout, all the other meshes I’ve seen for it are tris. Of course that doesn’t mean I can’t use quads and convert, it just complicates your recommendation. For shapes like the pins the boolean was the only way I could figure to do it, the easiest anyway. How would I use knife to accomplish those indents? I’m looking for a way that I can clean my current mesh up and make it salvageable. I just want it to be less complicated, cleaner, and easier to UV map. Also, any recommendations on where seams should be? I tried bisecting it and doing a straight unwrap but that made a really weird map.

First, welcome!

that is not at all a bad model for a couple weeks, nice work! The problems that you are running into are based on the topology of the model. Which isn’t a problem at this point! Now that you have a pretty reasonably scaled model, you can use that as a base to rebuild it with better topology. try looking for hard surface topology tutorials and you should find some tips on keeping your topology clean.

Lots of very experienced modelers (especially in the game world) will do this 2 pass approach to modeling. first is your high poly model, where the topology isn’t ideal for the final output, then the second pass uses the hi-poly model to make a clean topology, low poly model.

Good luck and stick with it!