Glock (first model)

Hi there,

This is my first post on these forums! Hopefully this is the right place (I know this is just a clay render, but it is definitely as far as I want to take it, for now at least).

So, I got my copy of blender maybe the day before yesterday, and since then I’ve been looking at tutorial after tutorial, getting used to the interface and trying to learn how to model. This is a box modelled Glock riddled with mistakes. There are parts of this which please me but I look at others and can see errors which I’m unsure how to fix. And I know it does lack some detail - but the objective here was to become familiar with creating the complex shapes (such as the handle).

I also used boolean operations on two occasions (stupidly). I was unaware how it can mess up the mesh.

Anyways I would love comments :slight_smile: Have to say I’m fairly proud of this, took me a few hours to do.

Apologies if the post seems a little muddled :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,


Welcome to the community, and welcome to Blender!
That looks good for a first model.
There are a few points however that I would like to point out, just things to keep in mind for future models:
Try to work with more depth. That is to say, the entire top of the glock is flat, and in reality, it does have quite a bit more shape. It does take a while to get accustomed to working in 3D, and to really see the object as one that is 3D.
I don’t know if you have any triangles but as you have probably heard before, avoid them.
The overall mesh topology doesn’t have too much flow (such as in the handle and at the top of the barrel), but again, this is something you need to work on over time. Its not something that will come overnight, but just try to keep it in mind, and always make your best effort to get the best edge flow you can.
But again, very impressive for a first model. Much better than my first model back in the day.

I’m assuming you have seen and Both are great video tutorial sites that have lots of good content. I recommend you spend a bit of time on each getting a feel for 3d.

Good luck!