Gloomy Corridor (real quick scene)

Did this one for a buddy of mine for one of his re-occurring dreams.

2.63, Cycles, 2.5 hours render time at 180 passes, 123K vertices

Needs a little improvement in lighting and texturing. Looks WAY too simple. And you should render more passes. It’s too noisy.

EDIT: Oh i realise it. It’s supposed to be a quick scene. Oh well. :slight_smile:

Texturing is there, just didnt do any displacement on it, as far as lighting, buddy was very specific on it being dark, with only light coming from upstairs and the front doors. So it only has those two lights with a touch of ambient inclusion so you can somewhat make out the rest of the scene. But yup, its a very simple scene, only has what he wanted in it. Not the type of scenes I enjoy doing. But after all it was a request that I fulfilled. However I may end up doing more passes to reduce the noise alot more.

I think that bringing the contrast up would help make the lack of lighting look somewhat more natural. But I’m guessing that something that simple would be pretty obvious, and it was another one of the things your friend specified as well.