Gloss nodes for an avacado

I working on an avocado in cycles. I photographed an avocado and made a tileable image texture in photoshop. I created the maps in Crazybump, except for the seed mask, which I created in Photoshop. I’m not sure I can describe it well, but want the reflections to have more contrast.

  1. Any ideas for getting this node setup to look more like an avocado.

  2. The displacement at the poles of the sphere is pinched, I think because of tris and how small they are. How do you handle displacement at the poles? Icosphere? - Thanks.

Aren’t you missing the normal map node ?, you’ve connected the normal texture wrong.

Yeah, your normal image is connected wrong. If its a bump map, you need to use a bump node, if its a normal map, you need to use a normal map node.
also, i would try a layer weight node instead of the frenel and see how that works.

Made those changes and it is a little better. One problem I’m having is that when the background color is dark you can’t see the diffuse image texture, but when it’s light the gloss is picking it up and graying out.

Do you plug the normal map into the glossy node normal input usually?

Yes. If you don’t use the normal map for the glossy it would mean, that your object has a smooth glossy coating.

Thanks. I turned on AO and that helped a lot. The normal map node and glossy information helped. It’s definitely starting to look a bit like an avocado. To my eye image ‘C’ looks the most realistic.

But the gloss is picking up too much of the floor material than it should. Any ideas?

Try to use the layer weight nodes facing output as the mix node factor and find a good blending value.
That should remove the gloss on the front of the object.

@givingsights, Using the facing node as a mix factor does remove the floor recflections on the front, but not the side. I may wind up faking up with a ‘is diffuse’ setup. It’s hard too because different photos of avocados have very different looking materials and specularity. The avodcado I bought already went into a salad. I think I’ll buy another one and see how it reacts to different floor colors, maybe it really is that reflective. And forgetting how I think it should be done, is there anything jumping out at you (anyone) as needing to be fixed, or looking wrong?