Gloss on sides, but not top.

So i’m new to the program and i’m having some problem applying a gloss to an object, I’m trying to give it metalic sheen and at first, I thought it was’t working, then I noticed it was working on the sides, but not the top, I extruded the objects to get them the shape/size they are if that matters. Heres a pic so you know what i’m talking about.

Any help would be awesome :3

Is there anything in your environment to reflect ? Post a link to your blend file, your screenshot on its own tells us almost nothing about the object materials, what renderer you are using, what your whole scene looks like etc etc

Here you go, provided that works.


Heres a link to it on dropbox :3

That is a link to dropbox with the file for it in so you guys can take a look :3

If you have a chrome ball which is really reflective and place it in a room with walls, floor and ceiling painted pure white, it will not look metalic, it will be white. It needs something to reflect. Your scene does not anything for the shiny face to reflect

Added an environment texture to the World node to give something to reflect

Ahh, that would explain it. I did that, And it worked to an extent, but now leaves me with no shadowing from my light. There a way to get both?

Ahha! I figured it out, I used a plane above the main structure and added a texture to that, which then reflected, and left my lights as the only source of said light, thus keeping my shadows =D Thanks for the help.