Glossy and Diffuse noise reduction

I’m creating a scene, but I notice that there is too much noise. The main object mainly has a glossy, and the backdrop is a diffuse. I’m pretty sure that they are the two most “noisy” (noise-causing) objects in my scene. Is there a good way to eliminate the noise of diffuse and glossy?

Yes with
If you render out all glossy, diffuse, transmission, (subsurface) components, you can use that node only on noisy passes and then combine the final image from all of them.

The first three things to try are:

  1. check “Multiple Importance Sample” on your lights,
  2. In the ‘Render’ panel, click ‘No Caustics’ under ‘Light paths’, then
  3. Set ‘Clamp’ to 1.0 under ‘Sampling’.