Glossy baking tips?

I recently did this little ghost witha mirror like skin… I would like some tips on how to bake it? I didnt add so many nodes for it since is quite simple and i followed a tutorial on how to do it… any way I would like to know the best possible way on how to bake this… I added a picture with the model and the nodes and the material i used… for the rendering I used cycles, thank you for your time.

ps… this is for using in a unity game engine.

I think you would be better off setting up your shaders in unity, a baked shiny reflection doesn’t really work.

unfortunately the guy that uses the unity engine is not the same as me, I can only use blender i dk anything about unity… i am newbie sorry

then just send him the model, a baked reflection map makes no sense

Ok… i´ll try that