Glossy direct pass shows color texture of the object.

I was thinking that I know very well Cycles Render passes, but not. Can someone explain Me (I was searching on web, but with no success), why Glossy direct pass is taking texture into consideration? Not environment, but texture on object?

This is an example (apologize for that simple texture). So in this case, We are unable to use Blender UV pass? Because if, I have to render a product, and 2 identical (in UV space) textures. And I like to use UV pass to just change Diffuse Color pass, I can’t? Because Glossy Direct will deliver something from original one?

Final render:

Glossy pass:


Blend file:

Testing on official Blender, and newest from Tested on Principled, glossy/diffuse mix/ CynicatPRO shaders, always the same.

I think this is a bug. I was doing something similar earlier, and I don’t have any problems like this (when using UV pass to change overall texture of the object.

Hope someone can clear this out.