Glossy effect

Hello Guys

I’ve been following a tutorial on the tube for an ocean realistic Simulation.
Now i’ve got two Problems first i can’t choose an Image as texture for a wall/plane and i cant use the glossy effect he’s using in the Video because i just can’t find them.

Can someone Show me with Images how this works? It’s really important please :eyebrowlift2:

Can someone Show me with Images how this works? It’s really important please
If you are following a tutorial then that would be showing you what to do. You need to actually watch the tutorial

What YOU need to do is show US what you have (screenshots and your blend file) as well as us what actual tutorial you are following. The information you supplied relies on other people using too much guesswork. We don’t even know which renderer you are using, echa have their own unique material systems.

It might help if you showed us what you have so far and gave us a link to the tutorial you are trying to follow.

The Tutorial is on Ytube: How to simulate an ocean in Blender Part 2
I dont know wich render i use i just opened blender and followed part one of the video.
I added now on the plane wich is the ocean an object but it looks compeletely diffrent as in the tutorial and i’m kind of new in blender i did some work with it before but its longer time ago. I’ll add the blender file this evening when i’m back home.

I tryed to upload the file but it didn’t work at all, so i send you a screenshot

You’re using the wrong render engine: That tutorial is using Cycles, while your Blender is set to use Blender (Internal) Render…

Ohhh okay haha sorry :eek: but now i’m further and everytime i want to generate foam it crashes… :no:

Now i’m much further but everytime i try to add the foam it crashes

Thank you for your answer but now i downloaded an demo file wich Looks amazing, but always when i render it, everything appears White and theres no Change possibility. What’s the reason of this?